Cecilia Younger & Consultants

Building Evidence to Drive Action
Our Services
Curriculum Evaluation
Using psychometric and data analysis, we work with administrators to assess the effectiveness of curricula. After we analyze the data we package the results in useful and actionable reports that drive decisions for program improvement, impacting academic success.
Data Analysis
Using existing data, we analyze data to answer the questions our clients have. Translating data into useful information and reports that are easy to understand and providing evidence for support.
Dissertation Assistance
Having chaired dissertation committees, we know what it takes for graduates students to the work done. Assisting students from beginning to end or with getting a couple of hurdles, we work with students achieve their goals.
Online Course Review
Being certified as an online course reviewer by Quality Matters, we offer our clients a full review of courses for best practices.
Program Evaluation
Program evaluation is one aspect that not only improves a program but also provides evidence to sustain and recruit more donors.  Our consultants work with programs to evaluate programs, develop an evaluation system and build capacity in your organization. We work with organizations providing the necessary support needed to achieve their goals.
Special Projects
We work with our clients  and for our clients. If you need assistance and don't see it listed, you can contact us to see if we can help.
  Our Mission
Helping organizations create the change they want.
Contact me: [email protected]
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