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Cecilia Younger & Consultants

Building Evidence to Drive Action
The foundation of good decision-making is accurate, objective, thoroughly researched and analyzed data that drives to the core of the questions you must answer.

We are a team of highly experienced research professionals with  broad qualitative and quantitative research experience. Whether you are in education, healthcare, business, social work or the arts, we can provide you with end-to-end, and insightful reports that provide all the information you need to keep you decision making on course.

In short, we make sense of your data - even the most complex data. And then, we package our findings in comprehensive, easy-to-read, and insightful reports that provide all the information you need to keep your decision making on course.
Our Services
Curriculum Evaluation
Your curricula is what's driving your program. Want to know how it is impacting academic success? Using psychometric and data analysis, we work with administrators to assess the effectiveness of curricula. After we analyze the data we package the results in useful and actionable reports that drive decisions for program improvement, impacting academic success.
Data Analysis
Using existing data, we analyze data to answer the questions our clients have. Translating data into useful information and reports that are easy to understand and providing evidence for support.
Dissertation Assistance
Having chaired dissertation committees, we know what it takes for graduates students to the work done. Assisting students from beginning to end or with getting a couple of hurdles, we work with students achieve their goals.
Online Course Review
Being certified in online course reviewer by Quality Matters, we offer our clients a full review of courses for best practices.
Program Evaluation
You have a program. In fact, you probably have a number of programs that together drive your organization toward its stated mission. Want to know how you are doing and if you are really getting the results you seek? We examine you program from top to bottom employing appropriate tools to ensure that your program is the most effective it can be.
Special Projects
We work with our clients  and for our clients. If you need assistance and don't see it listed, you can contact us to see if we can help.
  Our Mission
Helping organizations create the change they want.
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